Be Faithful In The Small Things Because It's In Them That Your Strength Lies

Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting Over

When you decide that once and for all, you definitely did and do deserve way better than that, you'll get over it!
I'm slowly but surely getting over it.
I didnt deserve that.
No matter how "upset" he was, his actions and words did NOT equate to the "love" he supposedly had for me.
I know that...I've always known that but it's so hard to get past everything especially when you've spent so much time with that person and stuff.
BUT ive been through worse and I WILL get past this.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Why in thee world is it so hard to find a DECENT man. I've had my heart broken and my feelings hurt time and time again. I'm not saying that I'm this perfect, beyond perfect woman but dang! I just feel as though I'm a very good woman with a HUGE, caring heart and NO ONE seems to see that except for my family. Well no men, I should say. My kindness continuously gets taken for weakness and in this previous relationship, there was potential for abuse. Not just physical, but all types of abuse. There is nothing that I want more than a family of my own someday and of course I need a husband for that. And before I have a husband I must meet someone and know them INSIDE AND OUT so that I'm not married to some psycho! For real! All that I ask is that a man be God fearing, doesn't curse (soooo hard to find), loves me for me and appreciates my kindness and my heart, is my best friend along with everything else and shows that he loves me in every way possible. I have NO CLUE where this person may be but I'm gonna try to keep the faith!